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How to edit your Gradebook settings and use the Grading Calculator.

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The Gradebook is designed for administrators and teachers to utilize and apply grade-level performance expectations and then keep track of how well students performed in accordance with those expectations. It has an easy-to-read format that can translate directly into a report card for the class:

As a district administrator, you can edit the Gradebook to your liking. You are able to change the accuracy and the speed (words per minute) requirements students must attain to earn a specific grade in curriculums where keyboarding is required. You may always go with the default settings provided or use the grading calculator to adjust or do your own manual grading.

Editing the Gradebook

From your dashboard, select School Management.

From here, select the Gradebook tab.

Select the grade level you’d like to edit the grading scale for. (i.e., 4th grade students, etc.)

Now, you can see an editable table of grades. Feel free to change up what makes an A an A, a B+, a B+, and so forth by typing it into the fields. For example, for Grades, some districts use a 1- 4 system, emoticons like 😃 , 😐, 🙁, Pass/Fail or whatever conventions are used by the district. Please note that all fields must be filled out for your settings to stick. If any fields are left unedited, the default settings will remain in those unused areas.

When you’re finished, you can either scroll down and press Save to apply your new settings, or Restore to Defaults to reset them to Typing Agent’s original standard.

Using the Calculator

From your dashboard, select School Management.

From here, select the Gradebook tab.

On the right hand side of the “Bulk Gradebook Settings” text, select the little blue icon of calculator buttons.

In the blank fields on the left, input which level of accuracy and how many WPM correspond to a grade. In other words, you will recreate your grading scale here.

In the right hand field, you can enter a student’s WPM and accuracy to obtain their grade according to your scale.

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