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How to use the Notepad curriculum and review documents your students have created.

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The Notepad is a part of the student’s curriculum that focuses solely on independent typing. If this curriculum is enabled or if students unlock it by earning 1500 experience points, students can access this area. They simply click the notebook-page icon on their "Phone Home" icon which if found at the bottom right of their page.

When using Notepad, students are given free access to a rich-text file editor with some perks. This includes the following, as shown by the toolbar above the text box. You can use the Notepad to practice keyboarding skills, specific subject matter or creative writing at school or remotely. It can be used by all ages.

From right to left, the student can:

  • Use HTML code format

  • Format headings, quotation brackets, etc.

  • Type in bold

  • Type in italics

  • Type with a strikethrough the text

  • Create ordered, unordered and indented lists

  • Create hyperlinks

  • Change the text color

  • Change the text font

  • Change the text size

  • Align paragraphs

  • Print the document

  • Save the document

  • View previously saved documents

The student can also scroll down to view their word and character count. This comes in handy for assignments that may demand these specific requirements.

When your student is finished typing, he or she will scroll down to click the checkbox next to Ready For Review.

Then, he or she must scroll up and select Save. This submits the document for the teacher to view and grade.

To view any previously saved documents, the student can select their folder icon to view a list of what they've done.

Reviewing Your Student’s Work

To review the document submitted by the student, first select the classroom in which the student is enrolled.

From here, select the Notepad tab.

Here, you’ll see not only the documents students have saved or submitted for you to review, you will see a list of times students have logged into this curriculum. When students type and try to save the document, they must give their work a title. Should you see a document without a title, it means that the student logged in. (This is great information to know if students don't know how to use this curriculum well or are just playing around without permission.) When students have worked and saved the document, the document has a title and you may click the eye to the right of it to read it. However, when they've worked, saved, and are ready for you to review it, scroll to the student whose document has a checkmark and press the eyeball icon. This checkmark signals to you that the students wants you to take a look at it.

Remember, even if students do not save their documents, you still get an indication of it with a time stamp. Also, note that students have no record of their unsaved activities. Once they work on a document and save it, you can see this, but students will have a copy in their list icon, as shown above.

Once you've ready the document, press the Reviewed button to mark the document as Reviewed. The checkmark you had seen before will now change to a magnifying glass icon to show at a glance that you've already seen it. Should you want to have a hard copy of the document, press the Print button to print the document. You can also press the red x to clear the item from your list when you're done.

*Note: The program will not notify the student when you have reviewed their notes.

How To Enable Notepad For A Whole Class
First, select your Class.

Then, select the Settings tab.

From here, select the Curriculum tab.

Now, scroll down to Notepad.

You can set the number of Experience Points required for students to unlock this Notepad curriculum wait for them to unlock it or simply enable it right away for them by entering 0 and selecting Assign All.

How To Enable Notepad For A Specific Student or Group Of Students

First, select your classroom.

Then, click your Students tab.

Select the check box next to the student(s) to trigger the fly-out menu. From here, select Curriculum.

Now, scroll down to the Notepad.

You can set the number of Experience Points required for students to unlock the Notepad, wait for them to unlock it at the default 1500 Experience Points, or simply enable it right away for them by entering 0 and selecting Assign All.

Here's a video walkthrough for this curriculum:

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