Congratulations on making the move to Typing Agent 5.0!

We’re very glad you decided to continue keyboarding with us. As a result, we are offering you a much broader, well-rounded program that adapts to the needs of all of your individual students. While the new interface may seem new at first, we assure you that with time, you'll grow to love it and find it very easy and intuitive. Typing Agent 5 has many of the features you loved in StarTypers and more, in fact, you can customize your Typing Agent student interface to mimic StarTypers if you choose to keep the curriculum keyboarding centric. In TA you have complete control.

Scheduled Tests

In StarTypers, you were able to create Scheduled Tests for your students, giving them a custom text, a time limit and number of attempts.

In Typing Agent 5.0, you are able to do this exact same thing. To view a walkthrough on creating scheduled tests in Typing Agent 5.0, click the button below.

Typing Certificates

In StarTypers, you were able to reward your students with fun certificates to celebrate keyboarding milestones.

In Typing Agent 5.0, you are able to do this as well, and we’ve included some fun new characters and designs.

To view a walkthrough on printing typing certificates in Typing Agent 5.0, click the button below.

Login Cards

In StarTypers, you were able to print login cards with each student’s custom login information.

In Typing Agent 5.0, you can still do this. You can also assign Simple Passwords, which are symbol-based passwords that younger students can easily remember.

To view a walkthrough on printing login cards, click the button below.

To view a walkthrough on creating simple passwords, click the button below.

Benchmark Settings

In StarTypers, you were able to set the bar for your students’ success by adjusting their benchmarks.

In Typing Agent 5.0, you can adjust the students’ target settings by class, by the individual student, or by a group of students.

To view a walkthrough on adjusting target settings, click the button below.

Grading Scale

In StarTypers, you could adjust the grading scale, creating your own definitions of what it means to get an A, B, C and so forth.

In Typing Agent 5.0, you can do this via the Gradebook, which also makes for an excellent report card.

For a walkthrough on viewing and managing your Gradebook, click the button below.

Class Overview, Time Report and Activity Report

In StarTypers, you could view a pictograph of how far your students progressed through the program by going to your class, then selecting the Overview tab. You could also view a variety of reports.

In Typing Agent 5.0, you can do all of this in one place. The Class Overview is now what we call the Progress Report, while many other reports have remained the same.

For a more detailed list of all of our reports offered, click the button below.


In StarTypers, your students could practice a hands-on curriculum with supplemental games.

In Typing Agent 5.0, we have ten different curriculums. Students spend most of their time doing one of the three keyboarding curriculums; that is, the K-2, 3+ or the Spanish curriculum. The others are supplemental curriculums that extend students' keyboarding experiences and/or help them learn new skills. You can permit students to access these curriculums whenever you'd like or let our Experience Points default settings open those curriculums when students are ready for them. Experience Points require students to spend a certain amount of time working in their core curriculums before they can “unlock” the others on their own.

For a full walkthrough of all of our engaging curriculums offered, click the buttons below.

To learn how to use Experience Points and require students to discover typing at the pace you’d prefer, click the button below.


In StarTypers, your students were able to access fun and engaging games that they could play from within their accounts.

In Typing Agent 5.0, your students can still play games they know and love, as well as some fun new ones! A new feature of Typing Agent is the use of Gritcoins, which you can set in the program to require a certain amount of lesson progress to earn game time.

For a full list of all games, click the button below.

To learn how to activate Gritcoins and make your students work for their play, click the button below.


In StarTypers, students could win awards throughout the program based on their achievements.

In Typing Agent 5.0, students can still win awards! Now, they’re called Badges and are given plenty of creative and fun names to keep your students interested in their progress.

We hope that your experience with Typing Agent 5.0 is an amazing one. We are confident that you and your students will benefit from all it offers. If you ever need any assistance, don’t hesitate to chat with your account representative or reach out to the Support Team at

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