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School Portal (Standalone Single School Administrator)
School Portal (Standalone Single School Administrator)

How to customize your Typing Agent webpage as a Standalone Single School Administrator.

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As the Administrator of a standalone school, you are able to customize the Typing Agent webpage for your single school. By customizing your webpage, your students and teachers can be assured that they are using the correct web page to log into the program. Also, should you want your teachers and students to use the use our Single Sign On or Self-Registration capabilities, you will need to activate these features from within this Portal.

When you go to your school's Typing Agent domain, you will see your school's name but will not have any of the customizable bells or whistles:

This looks great but you may want to do something to make it look and feel like it is one of your school's online resources. You may want to add your school's logo or colors. It is easy to customize your Typing Agent web page. To do this, hover over your Admin button, then select School Management.

Now, select the School Portal tab.

From here, you’ll see that you can upload a photo from your computer, change the address, and your school's name. Administrators tend to use their school's logo here. (Note: Your organization's name will appear on your portal publicly, but the address you include will not.)

Fill the fields to match your preferences.

Scroll down. You can change the color scheme of the background and text to match what you use at the school, as well as enable Student Self-registration, Teacher Self-registration, and various other Single Sign On Options. (You will NOT need to use Self-registration or Single Sign On to use Typing Agent or customize your page! These are optional enrollment and login tools. For more information on self-registration, click here. For more information on Single Sign On, click here.)

Select the fields to match your preferences.

Now, click Save to customize your portal.

Go to your Typing Agent webpage, to see the changes you’ve made!

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