In Typing Agent, we very much advocate the use of clear, easy-to-read reports so that you can always be on top of how much, how long and how well your students are working. As a parent, you can access your children's progress reports to let you know how far they've come.

First, select the Reports tab next to your Gradebook tab.

Now, you will be asked to select a curriculum.

(Note: If you've selected K2, you will be asked to select which mountain you'd like to review the report for. For more information on the K2 curriculum, click here.)

You'll then be asked to select a Summary or Detailed report.

A Summary report is a pictograph-like chart with each column representing the different lessons. You can view how many stars that each student has earned, or if the lesson is still in progress, or if there is an issue, as noted by the legend on the right.

A Detailed report gives your student's exact progress in percentage, their average WPM, average accuracy, and letter grade.

At any time, you can download these reports as an CSV file to print if you so wish to. To download a report, click the green download icon in the upper right corner of any report. You can also print the Detailed Report directly from your browser by clicking the green printer icon in the same location.

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