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What is the Leaderboard, and how can I use it?

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The Leaderboard is a feature of Typing Agent that focuses on friendly competition, based mainly on accuracy scores, between your students. This means that even the child who types more slowly yet more accurately than a faster typist, will be placed higher up the Leaderboard because again, typing accurately is the key. It will display the top 6 students in a classroom by order of Experience Points earned. To learn more about Experience Points, click here.

What Do My Students See?

By default, students access the Leaderboard by selecting the medallion icon from their dashboard.

From here, students can see the top 6 students in the classroom. Students will be told their position in comparison with the total number of students in their classroom. As a teacher or school administrator, you see where each child falls in each class in terms of their leaderboard scores.

How Do I Keep Track of It?

You can access the leaderboard for any classroom by selecting your classroom.

Then, select the Reports tab.

From here, click the Leaderboard icon.

From here, you'll be able to keep track of all students in order on the leaderboard, not just the top 6. You can also see which curriculums they have unlocked and how many experience points they have.

What If I Don't Want My Students to See It?

If for any reason you feel that the competitive aspect is hindering your students' typing experience, you can always disable the leaderboard by class, by student, or by group of students.

Disabling/Enabling Leaderboard for Classroom

First, select your classroom.

Then, select the Settings tab.

From here, select the Lesson Settings tab.

Now, ensure that the Enable Leaderboard box is checked or unchecked as you wish.

When you're finished, hit Apply.

Disabling/Enabling Leaderboard for Student or Group of Students

First, select your classroom.

Then, select the checkboxes next to the student(s) you wish to enable or disable the leaderboard for. Select Accommodations from the right-hand window.

Now, select the Settings tab.

Ensure that the View Leaderboard box is checked or unchecked as you wish.

Should you take an action, be sure to click APPLY to activate your command.

When you're finished, hit Apply.

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