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Activity Summary Report (General)
Activity Summary Report (General)

Overview of the Activity Summary report.

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The Activity Summary report will let you know what your students have been working on over a specific interval of time in either a summarized or detailed format. This can be helpful if you are working on daily assignments, or would like to know what the entire class is doing, all in one place.

When you generate an activity summary, you'll be asked to select a time frame for the activity for which you'd like to see data.

Then, you'll be able to see a summarized or a detailed report over the time frame you've chosen.
A Summary report will provide the classroom, time period you've selected, the student, their total time spent actively engaged with the keyboarding portions of the program over that period of time you've chosen, as well as their average accuracy, average words per minute and letter grade that is based on your grading system.

A Detailed report will provide the more lesson-specific activity, giving the student, their classroom, the exact lesson or activity, the number of stars earned, date and time completed, average accuracy, words per minute, adjusted words per minute, and letter grade. If the student has done numerous lessons, their names and details of how they did for those activities will appear.

At any time, you can download any of these reports as a CSV file or print them. To download a report, click the green download icon in the upper right corner of any report. You can also print directly from your browser by clicking the green printer icon in the same location.


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