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Time Report (General)
Time Report (General)

Overview of the Time Report.

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The Time Report can be used to determine how long and where your students have been actively engaged with working in the program over a specific time period of your choosing. This can be helpful when tracking who is using the program and who is not, as well as homework and other time spent typing outside of school hours. Note that this time does NOT include time spent doing tests; this is strictly times for lessons.

Note: If students log into a curriculum and do nothing, that time is not counted. Also, if they only play games in the Games arcade, that time is not counted either. Should they begin an activity and don't complete it, that time is not counted either.

When you generate a time report, you will be asked to select a curriculum from a drop down menu, as well as a date range you would like to view. You can also select the checkbox to filter out students who have not logged any time in the program to only see active students.

Scrolling down, you will be able to view a bar chart of work done inside or outside of school hours, and the total time in minutes spent in the program. This report uses what administrators have put in the Time Settings area to Set School Schedule found in the School Management section. When administrators set their Start and End times, they delineate what is in and out of school time for students.

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