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Active Student Curriculum (General)
Active Student Curriculum (General)

Overview of the Active Student Curriculum report.

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With ten (10) areas of work available in Typing Agent 5.0, you may want to keep track of what your students are doing in these different curriculums. Should you be using Experience Points to give students access to these curriculums at the appropriate moment, having a tool that pinpoints who has earned the privilege to open up each curriculum is extra useful. (Click here to learn about Experience Points.) Thankfully, you can use the Active Student Curriculum report to track just that. This report will show you a pictograph legend of which curriculums the student has worked in or has not worked in. Any curriculum that is available to be used has a green background while those that are not opened as yet are in a grey background.

When you generate this report, you will be asked which student you would like to see. From the drop down menu, select All or a single student.

To read this report, here are the curriculums that the icons represent, from 1 to 10:

  1. Keyboarding Foundations K-2

  2. Keyboarding Foundations 3+

  3. Digital Citizenship

  4. Basic Code

  5. Advanced Code

  6. Spanish Lessons

  7. Targeted Practice

  8. Type Your Own Adventure

  9. Notepad

  10. Agent Challenge

When you select the students whose curriculums you'd like to view, you will see the report looks like this:

Notice that some of the icons are a grey background while others have a green one. Again, this is how you can tell if students are active or not. If a student has worked and made progress in a curriculum, that curriculum will have a green icon background. If they have not, it will be grey.

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