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Upload History Report (Standalone Single School Administrator & School Administrator)
Upload History Report (Standalone Single School Administrator & School Administrator)

Overview of the Upload History report.

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The Upload History report gives data on all uploaded CSV files to the program. This can be especially helpful for discerning where in your upload process you may have experienced errors that resulted in data failing to upload. Also, these files act as reference points to ascertain when and what files were uploaded over the year. Finally, many admins use these as reference points to determine whether specific users were added to the program and what login credentials they were given.

Generating an Upload History report is simple - all you need to do is select Run Report!

Now, you will be able to see a definitive report on all uploads made in your account.

  • Type: The type of data uploaded (e.g, teachers, classrooms, students, etc.)

  • File: The name of the CSV file uploaded.

  • Uploaded On: The date the user had uploaded the file.

  • Processed On: The date the data from the file made it into the program.

  • Status: The status of the upload, whether processed or in progress.

  • Errors: If there are any errors with your upload, you will be able to download a CSV file of your errors. Once corrected, you may upload them at the appropriate spot on the master account holder's dashboard once they log into the program.

In the event of any errors present, you will click the download icon in the error column.

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