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Custom Class Report (District Administrator)
Custom Class Report (District Administrator)

Overview of the Custom Class Report for a District Administrator.

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A Custom Class Report offers an overview of the classrooms in your district with some basis statistics of how Typing Agent is being used. This report can be particularly helpful when you need to find specific school and classroom codes to upload teachers and students into their correct places using the CSV (UTF-8 encoded) files. But that's not all the file is good for. You may also get an idea of the average time students in a classroom have spent and the average number of lessons students in classrooms have done.

Here are the specific data fields you may include in this report:

  • School Name: The name of the school in which the classroom belongs.

  • School Code: The School Code for the school in which the classroom belongs.

  • Class Name: The name of the classroom.

  • Class Code: The code for the classroom.

  • Class Code Active: If student self-registration is activate, a checkmark appears and if not, an x is there.

  • Number of Students in the Class: The number of students currently enrolled in the classroom.

  • Active Student Average: The average number of times students in the classroom logged into the program.

  • Average Lessons: The average number of lessons students in the classroom did.

  • Average Minutes: The average hours and minutes students in the classroom actively worked in Typing Agent.

Again, you will need to select a parameter from the left hand column, then move it over with the arrow buttons to the right hand column.

Should you want to move all of the parameters over from the left to the right for your report, simply click the top criterion, hold down the Shift key then drag your cursor down to capture the others. They will appear highlighted like this:

Click that right arrow to move them into the right-hand column so that data may included when you run the report.

But it doesn't end there. If you'd like to adjust the order, you can drag and drop each parameter up and down in your preferred order. Be sure to select each you'd like to move to highlight it then move it where you need them to go. Remember, criteria in the right-hand column is what is used to run this report.

When you're finished with everything included in the order you want to see the results, click the Run Report button.

It may take a few moments and while the report is gathering, you'll see a gear turning near the top right of your screen. Once the report is finished, you can scroll down and see the results. This report can be printed using the printer icon at the top right of the report itself.

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