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Archived Data Report (District Administrator)
Archived Data Report (District Administrator)

Overview of the Archived Data report.

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If you have archived your district's data for a previous year, you can use the Archive Data report to obtain student's grades, WPM, accuracy and total time spent in the program. This may be useful if you need to track progress of a student who is returning to your district or if you would like to compare progress from one year to the next. For more information on how to archive your district's data if you have not done so already, click here.

When you generate an Archived Data report, you'll be asked to select the school, a specific grade level, as well as the academic year for which you'd like to have the report. When you've made your selections, hit Run Report.


Now, you'll see a chart of all students' holistic progress over the school year you've selected:

At any point, you can download this report as a CSV file by selecting the green download icon in the top-right corner of the report.

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