We are asking all remaining Typing Agent Classic users to UPGRADE to our newest version of Typing Agent, Typing Agent 5.0 BEFORE August 1st, 2020. After that date, all active accounts remaining in our Classic version will be migrated over by our dev team.

Why do I need to upgrade?

Adobe has announced they will be retiring Flash this year and our Classic version runs on flash and will no longer be supported. Our newest version Typing Agent 5 runs on HTML and offers a modern, engaging, and totally adaptable K12 keyboarding experience, along with Digital Citizenship, Type Code, Spanish, best in class reporting and more!

Is there an additional cost to use the newest version?

No. One of the great benefits of Typing Agent is you have access to our newest updates and versions at no additional cost.

How do I upgrade?

Upgrading is easy! If you are the administrator, simply login to your Classic dashboard and click the large orange UPGRADE button at the top. Once you do that, just follow the prompts with a few more clicks and you're done. When you log into your Classic account and execute the clicks, you direct the account migration process and will be able to use Typing Agent 5.0 immediately.

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