User Management (District Admin)

Overview of the User Management functions on your dashboard.

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As a District Administrator, you are able to perform actions to affect multiple users at a time. This is especially handy for adding and deleting users, editing enrollments, and finding students who aren't assigned to any school or classroom.

From your dashboard, select User Management.

Now, you'll see a list of every student or staff member in your district.

From here you'll be able to do a variety of things.

Adding Students & Staff

You can add users to your district by selecting the green + Students & Staff button. For more information on how to add staff to your district, click here. For more information on how to add students to your district, click here.

Viewing License Count

You may want to see how many student licenses your district is using. This can be helpful in determining how many to purchase for the next year. The blue portion of the bar indicates the amount of free space you have. The green portion of the bar indicates the percentage of students who are assigned to a classroom in your district. The yellow portion of the bar indicates how many students indicates the percentage of how many students are not assigned to any classroom. For more information on unassigned students and how to find them, click here. The percentage number is the percent of all occupied licenses.

Unassigning, Downloading and Filtering Users

The three buttons in the right hand corner are used as follows:

  • Unassign All Students: The paper and pen button can be used to unassign all students from their classrooms.

  • Download CSV: The download button can be used to download all of your users as a CSV file.

  • Filter Users by Type: The funnel icon can be used to filter users by District Administrator, School Administrator, Teacher, Students, or all Unassigned students.

Bulk User Actions

By selecting the checkboxes next to the names of the users you'd like to edit, you can reset passwords, delete the users or manage enrollments. For more information on how to enroll students or staff to schools or classrooms, click here.

Single User Actions

By selecting a single checkbox next to a single name, you also have the option to individually edit that staff member or student and their enrollments. This can be especially helpful for a name change or switching schools.

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