Enrollments (District Administrator)

How to enroll students and staff into schools and classrooms.

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As a district administrator, you are able to enroll any student or staff member (who is not another district administrator) into a classroom or school. For a student, this means that they will be able to work within multiple classrooms at their school. For a staff member, we understand that teachers and administrators will often work with multiple schools. Staff can be listed within multiple schools and teach multiple classrooms.

To edit your enrollments, go to User Management from your Dashboard.

Select the checkboxes next to the names of the students and/or staff you'd like to edit the enrollments for. Then, select Enrollments from the right fly-out menu.

District Administrator Enrollments

If another district administrator is selected, you will be notified that they cannot be assigned to any school nor classroom.

School Administrator/Teacher Enrollments

If a school administrator or teacher is selected, you will be able to choose which schools and classrooms they are enrolled in.

Student Enrollments

When a student is selected, you will be able to search and choose which single school and classrooms they are enrolled in.
These settings will save automatically as you exit this window.

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