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Time Settings (Standalone Single School Administrator)
Time Settings (Standalone Single School Administrator)

How to set your time zone and school year settings.

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Since Typing Agent is 100% web based and available 24/7 to you and your students, it is strongly recommended that you review and adjust your Time Settings if they are not correct. We understand that there are users all over the world using our program so it's important that you customize your time settings to best suit your needs. As a standalone single school administrator, you will need to set your time zone, school hours, and school year.
To set your time zone settings, hover over your Admin button and select School Management.

Now, select your Settings tab.

Then, scroll down to Time Settings.

Time Zone

Select your time zone from the drop-down menu to ensure you're within your school's geographical time zone.

Set School Schedule

Enter the start and end time of your school day in 24-hour format to ensure that you've set school hours for your students to be working within. This helps decipher what work was done within school hours and work done as homework.

Set School Year Duration

Now, you will be able to enter the dates your school year begins and ends and select the proper year from the drop down menu. This will ensure that all reporting is accurate to the school year you're currently working in, and not incorporating scores from previous years.

When you're finished, hit Save to make your settings stick.

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