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How to view all curriculums from your dashboard.

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At Typing Agent, we offer nine fun and engaging curriculums for your students to use, including our two core curriculums, Keyboarding Foundations 3+ and Keyboarding Foundations K-2. As a District Administrator, you can see an overview of all curriculums available as well as a more in-depth view of specific lessons.
For information on all of the curriculums themselves, and what they're all about, click here.

To see the overview, select the Curriculums tab from your dashboard.

Here, you'll see tiles of each curriculum. To view individual lessons, select the [Number of Lessons] Lessons button.

Now, you can select to view any lesson or activity as your student will see it.

While not all curriculums have categories of lessons and subcategories of activities, this is a feature you can use to view Keyboarding Foundations 3+ lessons:

Again - this is an overview. If you would like to scout through the curriculum and experience it in the exact same way a student would, you are encouraged to use the Demo Student feature.

Here's a video walkthrough of this process:

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