We know that it's not easy to keep an eye on everyone in your classroom, all at once. This is especially true if your classroom may be working remotely!

Thankfully, there's a handy way that you can view real-time activity of what your students and staff are doing in the program. The log stretches back as far as the entire school year, so don't be surprised if you keep scrolling and can scroll all the way back up to when the year began!

First, select your classroom from the bar on the left.

Next, select the Activity Log tab.

From here, you'll be given an option of Class Activity or Student Activity:

Class Activity:

Class Activity is an easy way to know when students were created and enrolled. This can be very helpful if you're responsible for managing students, and want to make sure that no students you'll still need have been deleted or unassigned from that classroom.

Student Activity:

Student Activity is the best way to view real-time login sessions and activity worked in. This can be very helpful if you're needing to know what exactly a student is working on and when.

(*Please note that you may need to clear your browser's cache if you notice that there being a considerable lag - occasionally, cached files can interrupt server communication!)

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