You can change the name of your classrooms in Typing Agent. This may be useful in naming your classrooms after your class period, your teacher's name, or whatever you prefer!

*Note: If you are a school administrator under a district, you will need to ensure that your district administrator has allowed you to do this.

**Note: If you are syncing with an outside rostering system such as ClassLink or Clever, you will not be able to alter the name of your classroom from within Typing Agent. You will need to do this from within the rostering platform itself.

First, hover over your Admin button from your dashboard. Then, select Classrooms.

Now, you'll see a list of all your classrooms. From here, select the checkbox next to the classroom whose name you'd like to change, then select Edit Class from the menu on the right.

Now, you can type in the new name of your classroom. When you're finished, hit Update.

Now, you'll see that the name of your classroom has been changed!

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