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Changing the Name of Your Classroom (District Admin)
Changing the Name of Your Classroom (District Admin)

How to change the name of your classroom.

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You can change the name of your classrooms in Typing Agent. This may be useful in naming your classrooms after your class period, your teacher's name, or whatever you prefer!

**Note: If you are syncing with an outside rostering system such as ClassLink or Clever, unfortunately, Typing Agent cannot overrule the classroom names; Just as they are sent to us, they have to stay that way. We understand that these names may be troublesome so the person responsible for the naming conventions in the rostering platform will need to change them. Should you not want to change the class names, teachers may use the Nickname field within Typing Agent to assist you. (At least this will give them some way to distinguish one classroom from another.) How to change the Nickname is shown at the bottom of this guide.

For those using only Typing Agent, from your dashboard, select School Management.

Then, select the Classrooms tab.

Now, you'll see a list of all your classrooms. From here, select the checkbox next to the classroom whose name you'd like to change, then select Edit Class from the menu on the right.

Now, you can type in the new name of your classroom. When you're finished, hit Update.

Now, you'll see that the name of your classroom has been changed!

Using Nicknames to help with identifying classrooms

District Administrators using outside rostering systems, should you want to advise your teachers how they may give different nicknames to their classrooms, here is how they may do so. Click on the classroom on the left then click on the Settings icon. You land on the Class Details page. From here, you see the Nickname field where you can write the name you want to use there. Click Update when you're done.

From then on, you may click on a classroom then Class Details and see the nickname you've called this classroom.

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