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Setting up Your Yeti Academy Account (School Administrators & District Administrators)
Setting up Your Yeti Academy Account (School Administrators & District Administrators)

An All-Inclusive STEM Education Program!

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Yeti Academy is our new online STEM application specifically designed for elementary and middle school students. This app features single and multi-player coding lessons as well as interactive, project-based modules that can be customized for any classroom. Yeti Academy can be used in all teaching and learning contexts; for example, whole classroom, centers, hybrids, etc. Check out Yeti today!

As an exclusive offer to Typing Agent paid accounts, we are allowing the school administrator in each school to create a free account in Yeti Academy to use with their students until July 1, 2021. After that Typing Agent customers will get exclusive 1st year pricing for Yeti Academy that is 60% off for the 21/22 school year.

If you are not the school administrator, be sure to share this article with them to gain your free access.

School Administrators:

To activate your Yeti Academy account, you will need to be signed into your Typing Agent School Administrator account. From your dashboard, click on the blue Yeti Academy - Let's Go! banner.

When you select "Let's Go!", you'll be given some very important information. Please keep track of this because you will need it to access Yeti Academy:

Domain: This is your school's secure domain name where you, your teachers and students will need to log into Yeti Academy. Since this is our way of linking your Typing Agent account to your Yeti Academy account, you can't change this.
Username: This is the username that your Yeti Academy main administrator will use. (Note: Although you can alter it, it's preferred that you use your e-mail address or your Typing Agent username.)
Password: This is the password you will use to log into Yeti Academy. Keep this private and safe.
Copy ALL school classrooms and students into Yeti Academy: By selecting this, you'll automatically have all of your classrooms and students moved into Yeti Academy. If you don't check this, then you'll have to add them manually.

(If your district has rostered using Clever, be sure that your teachers' and students' usernames follow the credentials.district_username format. If they don't, they will have to put in that 16 character alphanumeric username that Clever assigned to them. You will need to have your Clever admin adjust their usernames then when the nightly sync is done, they will be updated then we can pull that data over into Yeti Academy.)

When you've selected and filled out all your preferences, click Create My Account. If you've opted to transfer, your school will be put in our queue of nightly syncs which occur at 11:00 PM PST.

When the transfer is complete, click the Let's Go! banner again. You'll then be given the link to Visit Yeti Academy.

It's important to note that you can log in to Yeti Academy two different ways:

1. Using your domain. For a quicker login process, use your domain in place of "app" in the URL, for example,

2. Entering your school's domain. If you wish to visit, there is a field for you to enter your domain.

(Note: If you transferred from a District Account, you can move each of your schools over one at a time because Yeti Academy is set up for schools only at this time. Each will have a different web address and domain. Once district admins have accounts at the district level, these individual schools will be moved and housed under your district's Yeti Academy account.)

When you log in to your Yeti Academy account, this will be what your dashboard looks like:

If the box was checked to move over classrooms and students, you will have the same structure in Yeti Academy as you have in Typing Agent.

If you haven't checked the box to automatically move your classrooms and students over, please follow the guides below to do so:

If you have more questions, please click here to learn more about your Yeti Academy account or email us at

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