Yeti Academy is our new online STEM application specifically designed for upper elementary and middle school students. Featuring single and multi-player coding lessons and interactive, project-based modules that can be customized for any classroom. It can be used in classroom, hybrid, or both. Check out Yeti today!

As an exclusive offer to Typing Agent paid accounts we are allowing the school administrator in each school to create a free account in Yeti Academy to use with their students until July 1, 2021.

When you click on the Yeti Academy is Ready - Let's Go! banner on your paid Typing Agent School account dashboard.

After following the prompts a mirrored account with your credentials will be created on (Please note your domain, username, and password.)

This is what you will see in your new Yeti Academy Account.

When you are ready to begin with your students, you will need to add Classes and add students to Yeti Academy.

Explore and learn about your free Yeti Academy account today.

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