When rostering with ClassLink or Clever, you'll notice that the option to add schools, classes, students are not available from your Typing Agent dashboard. Because School Administrators are not a defined role in Clever, you can add them to your district's account with a CSV file.

As a district administrator, having school administrators can prove helpful for monitoring schools, managing curriculum settings, or helping with reports at the school level rather than the district level alone.

From your dashboard, select the Upload Your Staff panel.

From here, you will be directed to add your CSV file of school administrators.

(*Note: If the user is already rostered in ClassLink or Clever, then their username and password that you are uploading MUST to be different. If a school administrator needs to be in multiple schools, add the same username with different school codes on a new line.)

If you need more help, contact support@typingagent.com with your specific question.

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