Yeti Academy is an all-inclusive STEM Education program that is available to your schools to use for free! Until next year, we are testing our brand-new program an offering it as a freemium product. At that point, there will be licensing that can be purchased for your district's schools and classrooms.

While targeted at 3rd through 9th grade students, Yeti Academy can be easily customized for any classroom. Featuring multi-player coding lessons and interactive, project-based modules,, each lesson is meticulously designed by our highly accredited curriculum designers with years of STEM classroom teaching experience. To learn more about our standards, click here.

Yeti Academy is available for School Administrators within a district to move their school and their own account over to Yeti Academy with the username (it is recommended to use an e-mail address) and password that you can create.

You may be wondering if there's a simple way to copy existing classrooms and students from Typing Agent into Yeti Academy - and there is! To do this, here are the following conditions you'll need to be mindful of and make sure are met:

When copying classrooms and students from Typing Agent into Yeti Academy:

  • The only user in Typing Agent that can transfer to Yeti Academy is a School Administrator. This means that teachers and district administrators will not have the ability to transfer a school over to Yeti Academy.
  • Only one school can be moved at a time.
  • Yeti Academy does not use SSO from Typing Agent, Clever or Classlink.
  • Yeti Academy is only mirrored from Typing Agent's current classroom structure and students.
  • A unique username is needed for each school that is transferred to log into Yeti Academy as a school Administrator. We suggest using this format: [schoolname] + This way, you'll have a unique username for each school that is created when transferring.
  • A unique web address will be made for each school automatically when transferring data from Typing Agent to Yeti Academy, and each school will get a custom school domain. Students will have to log into Yeti Academy by going to the Yeti Academy site. When the school's domain is set up, students will go to https://[yourschooldomain] and enter their username and password.
  • Students can only be in one school with their unique username.

Additionally, if you're rostering with Clever, there are more special conditions to be aware of:

  • Clever rostering only works with Typing Agent.
  • District Administrators should ensure that School Administrators are associated with their current Typing Agent account. This way, the school administrators will see the banner that allows them to transfer their schools into Yeti Academy.
  • School Administrators are rostered in Typing Agent from Clever only using their Clever ID as their username. School administrators will need to enter in a new username, and it is recommended to use their e-mail address.
  • Teachers are not moved when setting up a school in Yeti Academy. They can be rostered after moving over using a CSV file. For further assistance on adding your staff to Yeti Academy, click here.

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