By dealing with your 2020-21 Typing Agent data well, you set the stage for your 2021-22 school year to be fruitful and effective. This Guide explains our terms so that when you log into the program to apply them, you understand exactly what and why you’re taking an action. By fully understanding the functions available to you for data management, you will in a prime position to tailor the resetting process to your exact needs. Although we’re explaining these actions to everyone, ONLY the MAIN Account administrator in the district or single, standalone school will be able to execute these commands.

If you’re using a third-party rostering platform like ClassLink or Clever, you’ll want to be familiar with the contents of this comprehensive document, which includes special instructions for you.

When your 20-21 school year is completed and you're doing the resetting process, you have two options. You may:

i. Export all of your data (see Point 1 below) then delete everything from Typing Agent. Just before you want students to have access to the program, upload your 2021-22 information using CSV (UTF-8 Format) files or if you use Google Classroom, have school administrators or teachers add their own classrooms or students. By doing it this way, everything will be set perfectly for when you want to begin. (If you kept your CSV (UTF-8 Format) files from last year, just use that as your base and update that. Our clients who do this move students and teacher around with U to update them in the ACTION column then C to create new students and teachers); or

ii. Use our resetting process described below where data are archived/saved in Typing Agent and any interfering data are removed. This is the process mainly described below.


Before taking any action in the program, Typing Agent suggests that you decide WHEN to take the four important steps: export old data, archive old data, delete students’ progress, then fix the date to start collecting new 2021-22 data. If your students are going to continue practicing over the summer holidays, consider leaving your account as is, for now, and a few days before school begins, take the steps to reset your data. This way, students begin their new curriculum in the new school year and your data will relate only to this new school year.

1. Export Data (Optional)

Should you want to keep extensive 2020-21 reports, you’ll need to export them using the tools in the Reports section available for administrators and teachers. That way these files will be stored safely on your computers, keeping past reports at your fingertips. Please note that once they’re deleted from Typing Agent, they cannot be retrieved. (Once you've done this, you may want to delete all students who have graduated from your schools so that their spaces will be available for others.)

2. Archive Data (Recommended)

When you archive your data, you create and store a summary of your students’ data within Typing Agent. Should you ever want to revisit that information, simply look under your Archived Reports in your administrator’s Reports area, and select the year you want to review.

3. Delete Students’ Progress Data (Recommended)

Cleaning up your database is an important step to take to get it ready for the next school year. It is the best way to give your students a clean start to begin working towards their new grade-level goals in this new school year. When old data is not deleted, your students in Grades 3-12 will not be given the start-of year Placement Test that serves to assign the optimal instructional path of learning for their new grade level. Moreover, if you don’t delete last year’s work, your new data for 2021-22 will not be as reliable as possible. Remember, you can keep detailed reports on your computer when you export them. Then, to make sure there’s always a record, when you use the Delete feature, you must click the Archive button so a summary of your data is always in your Archived report.

4. Fix the Start Date for New Data Collection (Recommended)

When students start a new grade level, we want to capture what they’re doing that school year only. This is why it is imperative that you fix the start date to begin tracking this information. So, for example, if your school begins August 16, 2021, log into Typing Agent on August 15 or a few days earlier and use the actual date you logged in or days before as the date you want your data to be archived, deleted and reset. Anything done after the date you’ve selected will go into your 2021-22 data collection. (Unfortunately, you cannot log in in July and pre-set your Fixed Date to August 16, 2021. We only accept the day of or before as the fixed date and not after.)

So, in order to delete data, you must archive it then fix a date for the new data to be collected. This is Typing Agent’s way of making sure there is a summary of your students’ old work somewhere. If you try to delete without archiving, an error message will appear. When you select both Archive and Delete students’ progress, a calendar will pop up and from there you fix the date you want to begin storing data for the new school year. Once you’ve done this, it takes up to 24 hours to execute your commands. (You may always click the View Status button to see where Typing Agent is in the process or what actions you specified to be done in this New Year Reset.)

These important steps to reset your data for the new school year should be done ONCE a year only so we recommend doing them after the summer holidays. This will save your teachers from having to delete work students did prematurely, which will put them ahead of their classmates, or having students work in the program but who did not work to their new grade-level targets.

PART 1 - Now that you’re ready, let’s get started!

School Administrators whose accounts are within a district, please advise your district’s Typing Agent administrator to take the above steps for your school. Only that person will be able to set these actions in motion.

>> Log into Typing Agent as the MAIN account administrator.

(Should you want to keep detailed data on your personal computer, click Reporting and export everything you want to keep on your work computer. Once you’ve done that, you can start managing your data.)

>> To manage your data, click on the School Management button and use the checkboxes to select your schools to reset them.

>> A fly-out menu will appear on the right. Select New Year Reset and you will get this page from where you may select these options:

* Archive student data

* Reset students’ passwords should you want to do that

* Delete existing students’ progress

*Delete Old Classrooms - Should be in place by July 15, 2021

1. Archive ALL Student Data: Strongly Recommended and explained above

2. Reset ALL Student Passwords

This will allow you to reset all students’ passwords to a specific password of your choosing. Like the option prior, this is also irreversible.

3. Delete Existing Students' Progress: Strongly Recommended and explained above

Click the checkboxes to activate the steps you want to do. When you're finished taking the above steps, click Update to finalize your selections.

4. Delete Old Classrooms: Strongly Recommended. This ensures that classrooms created in previous years will not linger your account. Your 2021-22 rostering will place current students in their new classrooms.

Remember your commands will be queued and processed within 24 hours. Check back then and you will find that your account is ready to begin the new school year!

Special Instructions for ClassLink and Clever Rostering Users

When you log in and from the fly-out menu you select New Year Reset, you will get fewer options, namely Archive, Reset passwords and Delete progress options. This happens because your third-party rostering platforms take care of the Promoting and Removing of students.

Additional notes:

1. Export your data and follow the same steps as described above. Once your data has been queued and executed, you may start sharing data with Typing Agent through your rostering platforms. If the students’ usernames and passwords remain the same, as per your sharing rules, old students will be promoted to the next grade level and new ones will be added. We recommend that you alert that you have started your rostering queue so we can review your data.

2. Typing Agent only needs to see a classroom of the same students rostered once. Put students in ONE keyboarding, technology or computer classroom only. Currently, Typing Agent gets rosters with the exact same students in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Home-room, etc. classrooms so each time a report is pulled, you get the exact same reports for each student multiple times to match their multiple classrooms.

Instead, assign the various teachers who need access to those students to that ONE classroom. That way, when you pull their data, you will get a clean report for each student instead of seeing one student’s name numerous times. (We’ve seen a single student listed 12 times on one report! It is a tremendous waste of time to read and print those reports.)

3. Teachers often complain that they cannot differentiate one classroom from another due to the naming conventions used in rostering; the names are often too long and hard for teachers to decipher easily. They have to click on each classroom to see which students are in each one. For example, if your rostering system has numerous classrooms called Keyboarding, Computers and Technology and at the end, it has defining markers like Grade 7 Teacher R. Smith, when teachers log in, they often only see the first two words. Consider making your classroom names shorter, putting identifying markers at the beginning: for example, the above-mentioned classroom could be renamed KCT, R Smith Grade 7 for the sake of clarity.

4. Finally, for those rostering with Clever, please be aware of and respect our new guidelines:

- Only schools listed on your district's public website will be permitted to sync via Clever.

- Each school will be required to have a minimum of 100 students. Should you have schools with a few students in each, please put them into one school and use Clever's Custom Sections to help. By using the Custom Sections fields with identifying names for each grouping, you'll be able to see these students in their correct schools and assign the appropriate teachers to work with them. Here is a link to Clever's Help area to assist with using Custom Sections: : . The Clever Support Team will work with your team if you are not sure how to use the Custom Sections area and delete the schools that do not fall in this minimum student range. Write them at or call them at 1-800-521-6516.)

Once you take these steps, you will be well on your way to making your new school year’s database ready for your schools, teachers, and students. This will go a long way in helping them have a successful school year!

Part 2 - Your data has now been moved over

District administrators, you have a quick way of knowing that your actions have been done. Just log into Typing Agent, click on School Management, then Schools.

Notice that Archived column. This indicates when your resetting actions were done. If you see a date from the 2020-21 school year, this indicates that the resetting/archiving/deleting of your data was not done yet or you need to take these actions.

All administrators, you will notice that your students are in their last year's classrooms with their 20-21 teachers so you will need to update this. You can use a CSV (UTF-8) file to update or add new data to the different areas. In your Action column, use C to create new items or a U to update them.

For ease of reference, District Administrators, click here to view our Guide about adding or updating Schools. Should you not need to add or update staff, then click here to add Staff Members. Click here for adding or updating classrooms and here for adding or updating students.

Single Standalone School Administrators, click here to access our guides on how to add or update staff. Click here for information on how to add or update classrooms and click here to learn how to add or update students.

Now that you're ready, your next step is to review and/or update your account's general settings like your Grade Settings, Target Settings, District Portal should you want to enable different rostering methods or Permissions. Because this is an often overlooked yet important setting, let's make sure your Time Settings for your district are set to the current educational year. This will also ensure that should you, your administrators or teachers give scheduled tests, students will only have access to them during school hours.

From your dashboard, select School Management.

Standalone School Administrators, your interface looks like this:

Everyone may now go to the Time Settings tab.

From here, you'll be able to set the school year duration to the current year. (Be reminded to set all fields here properly because they affect your reports and when Scheduled Tests are given.)

When you're finished, click Save.

Now, you can feel confident that you have all the data you need and that your Typing Agent account is ready for the new school year! We wish you great success and are here to assist should you ever need us.

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