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Resetting your account for the new 2023-24 school year for those using third-party rostering systems.
Resetting your account for the new 2023-24 school year for those using third-party rostering systems.

This 2023-24 guide helps you understand the steps needed to reset your data properly for a successful new school year - the how's and why's.

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When using third-party rostering services, your students and teachers are added into Typing Agent by that service so we need to deal with your 2022-23 data that is now in our system. Before you do anything, IF you want to keep a detailed record of your students 22-23 data, it is important that you EXPORT reports with data that you'd want to keep. Typing Agent keeps only a snapshot of what students have done so should you need detailed reports, please download those onto your computers. Here's how to do that:

Login as the MAIN district administrator. From the dashboard, click the Reporting button.

At the bottom you'll find the Reports available to you under the dropdown menu under Select Report. Some reports districts like to review are the Grade Usage, School Usage, Monthly Usage, and Teacher Usage reports to name a few. Choose which you'd like and save them on your computers, keeping past reports at your fingertips. Please note that once they’re deleted from Typing Agent, they cannot be retrieved.

Now that you've thought about or taken steps to save your old data, we can plan what you'd like to do next.

Do you want your students to continue practicing typing in Typing Agent throughout the summer? If yes, then leave things as they are. A few days before school begins, take the steps described below under NEXT STEPS to get your account ready for the 2023-24 school year at that time.

If your students will not have access over the summer months, let's move to NEXT STEPS.


We ask users to archive old data, delete students’ progress, then fix the date to start collecting new 2023-24 data.

1. Archive Data (Recommended)

When you archive your data, you create and store a summary of your students’ data within Typing Agent. Should you ever want to revisit that information, simply look under your Archived Reports in your administrator’s Reports area, and select the year you want to review.

2. Delete Students’ Progress Data (Recommended)

Cleaning up your database is an important step to take to get it ready for the next school year. It is the best way to give your students a clean start to begin working towards their new grade-level goals in this new school year. When old data is not deleted, your students in Grades 3-12 will not be given the start-of year Placement Test that serves to assign the optimal instructional path of learning for their new grade level. Moreover, if you don’t delete last year’s work, your new data the new school year will not be as reliable as possible. Remember, you can keep detailed reports on your computer when you export them. Then, to make sure there’s always a record, when you use the Delete feature, you must click the Archive button so a summary of your data is always in your Archived report.

3. Fix the Start Date for New Data Collection (Recommended)

When students start a new grade level, we want to capture what they’re doing that school year only. This is why it is imperative that you fix the start date to begin tracking this information. So, for example, if your school begins August 16, log into Typing Agent on August 15 or a few days earlier and use the actual date you logged in or days before as the date you want your data to be archived, deleted and reset. Anything done after the date you’ve selected will go into your new school year's data collection. (Unfortunately, you cannot log in in July and pre-set your Fixed Date to August 16. We only accept the day of or before as the fixed date and not after.)

So, in order to delete data, you must archive it then fix a date for the new data to be collected. This is Typing Agent’s way of making sure there is a summary of your students’ old work somewhere. If you try to delete without archiving, an error message will appear. When you select both Archive and Delete students’ progress, a calendar will pop up and from there you fix the date you want to begin storing data for the new school year. Once you’ve done this, it takes up to 24 hours to execute your commands. (You may always click the View Status button to see where Typing Agent is in the process or what actions you specified to be done in this New Year Reset.)

These important steps to reset your data for the new school year should be done ONCE a year only so we recommend doing them after the summer holidays. This will save your teachers from having to delete work students did prematurely, which will put them ahead of their classmates, or having students work in the program but who did not work to their new grade-level targets.

NEXT STEPS: Now that you’re understand the process, let’s get started!

>> On the day you're ready to archive/delete/reset the data, log into Typing Agent as the MAIN account administrator. (This can't be done in advance so set a calendar alert for yourself to do this.)

>> Click on the School Management button and use the checkboxes to select your schools to reset them.

>> A fly-out menu will appear on the right. Select New Year Reset and you will get this page from where you may select these options:

Select the Archive ALL student data and Delete Existing students progress buttons. When you click to Delete existing students' progress, if you don't put a date in that empty field, data will be deleted as of today's date. If your school year has already started, you can put a previous date in the calendar that pops up but you can't put a date that has not happened yet. This action takes 24 hours to execute.

By putting a day before school started, you will keep everything students did this school year active and in the 22-23 database. In other words, students will NOT lose any of their progress done this year. Students in Grades 3 and above will take tests so that they're served up the appropriate curriculums. Students in Grades K-2 start afresh at a new pace to match their new grade level.

Please be sure to stay within Typing Agent's terms for connecting with rostering services and Typing Agent so that your data is not filtered out at the end of the month:

  • Only schools listed on your district's public website will be permitted to roster. If a school has students learning virtually, add them in their classrooms within the school's account; do not create a new school account for them.

  • Each school will be required to have a minimum of 100 students to roster. (If using Clever and you don't have 100 students in a school, please use the Clever Custom Sections field to add those students into one school to get those 100 students.)

  • Do not go over your purchased number of student licenses or the whole district will be disconnected until the overage is resolved.


In your rostering platform, point ALL the different teachers who need access to one classroom of students to that class instead of creating a classroom for each teacher: Create ONE Technology class for each different classroom and send only that classroom's information over to Typing Agent. (We don't need access to Music, Science, Language Arts, etc. classrooms that repeat the same students multiple times.) We suggest this because when one student is rostered in multiple classrooms, your reports become long to run/redundant because one student's data has to be pulled numerous times to match all of the classrooms they're in. For example, with one classroom of 25 students, if that student appears in 7 different classrooms, you'll get results 7 times for one student, therefore that one classroom, you'll have 175 lines of data. Imagine that for all of your classrooms and schools? Since Teachers may be assigned to multiple classrooms, why not lesson your reporting load by using that method.


Once you've clicked those buttons to archive/delete/reset your Typing Agent account, come back the next day. When you click on the School Management tab, in the Archived column (to the right of the schools' names), you'll see the date your data was managed. If there is no date there, then it means that it still is waiting to be processed.

Do a double check. Click on Classrooms, to the right of your list of schools, and you should see only classrooms created on your 2023 sync date. (Check the far right column.) If you're seeing other classrooms with dates that shouldn't be there, let us know. We'll disconnect then reconnect your account so that those classrooms may be flushed out.

One last thing is needed: You ned to update your Time Settings, found under the Settings tab under School Management, to reflect the 2023-24 school year. You must set your Start and End dates to reflect your district's start and end dates as well as the School Educational Year.

We've walked you through everything that needs to be done to export/archive/delete/reset your old data and get ready for the new school year. Once you've done this and your account is synced, your 2023-24 rostering will appear. Should you do this reset today, your students will be able to log on early and begin their 2023-24 work so we strongly advise not doing this until closer to the beginning of your new school year.

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