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Resetting Students and Deleting Lessons (Homeschool)
Resetting Students and Deleting Lessons (Homeschool)

How to make your students begin again, or delete lessons they've done.

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If you'd like for your student to begin anew, or if you'd simply like to delete a few lessons for them to do over, it's simple to do this.

Resetting All Progress

If you'd like to reset ALL of your student's progress, select the checkbox next to the student's name. Then, select Edit Student:

Now, go ahead and select Reset Student Progress. You'll be asked if this is for sure what you want to do - please confirm so.

Resetting Individual Lessons

Should you want to delete a score and have a student redo a specific lesson, select the blue text of their name:

Then, select the Curriculum tab.

Now, select the arrow on the curriculum you'd like to delete the lesson from.

From here, select the red "x" next to the lesson you'd like to delete. You'll be asked if this is what you really want to do - confirm.

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