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How to Adjust Target Settings (Homeschool)
How to Adjust Target Settings (Homeschool)

How to change the basis your students are graded on and view the Gradebook.

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With any pedagogical curriculum, a grading standard is an important part of learning. Students in Typing Agent are graded on their Words per Minute, and their Accuracy. Here at Typing Agent, we prioritize accuracy, as pressing all the buttons on the keyboard as quickly as possible may produce more text on the screen, but it will be worthless if it is not accurate!

Because Typing Agent is a program tailored to each students’ individual needs, you may find it helpful to edit a student’s (or group of students’) Target Settings.

What are Target Settings?

Target settings are Accuracy and Words Per Minute (WPM) requirements each student must meet to pass a lesson. Typing Agent has applied appropriate grade-level default target settings for each grade level but you may change them to match anything that your district deems appropriate for your students.

What are the programs default settings?

Typing Agent's requires that students must earn at least two (2) stars to advance to the next lesson (Standard Proficiency) and there are No Max Retries per lesson. We present two characters at a time for them to learn so we want students to meet grade level expectations before they can move on and in so doing, we are building a strong foundation on which students will begin to learn new keystrokes. This means that they won't have to be preoccupied with finding the old keys when they're learning new ones.

Each grade level has its own 1-star (below), 2-star (meets), and 3-star (exceeds) settings. The last exercise in the keyboarding curriculum is the Final Evaluation. When students get to that Final Evaluation, the program's algorithm uses 2-star target setting to determine whether they pass or fail. With that knowledge, should you change anything, make sure that your 2-star settings are the WPM and accuracy targets you want your students to achieve when typing.

How do I adjust these target settings for my students?

To adjust the target settings, select the checkbox(es) next to the name(s) of your student(s). Then, select Accommodations.

Once you have selected Accommodations a screen displaying the various Accommodation settings will appear displaying the student or students you have chosen at the top. (If you wish to delete a student from this action, you can click the "x" next to their name in the upper section)

From here you can adjust the student or students Target and Proficiency Requirements as you see fit. Please not that you must specifically click on the number above the ___ to adjust those numbers to whatever WPM and accuracy you'd like.

Please note: When looking at Classroom Target settings, if individual student(s) Target Settings have been customized, settings will be grayed out, indicating a customization exists. To view those particular customized settings, go to the individual student Target Settings view.


To see a cumulative, letter-grade average of how your students are doing, select Gradebook from your Dashboard:

You will then see their name, average words per minute, accuracy, time spent, speed, and letter grade.

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