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How to Adjust Target Settings (Homeschool)
How to Adjust Target Settings (Homeschool)

How to change the basis your students are graded on and view the Gradebook.

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With any pedagogical curriculum, a grading standard is an important part of learning. Students in Typing Agent are graded on their Words per Minute, and their Accuracy. Here at Typing Agent, we prioritize accuracy, as pressing all the buttons on the keyboard as quickly as possible may produce more text on the screen, but it will be worthless if it is not accurate!

The only way to change the Target Settings at this point is to change the students' grade level. To do this, select the checkbox next to the students' name. Then, select Edit Student.

Then, you'll want to select the grade level. When finished, hit Update.

To check what their new Target Settings are, you may select that students' name again from the main dashboard, and then instead of Edit Student, select Accommodations.

Then, from the Target Settings tab, then you can view their Target Settings:


To see a cumulative, letter-grade average of how your students are doing, select Gradebook from your Dashboard:

You will then see their name, average words per minute, accuracy, time spent, speed, and letter grade.

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