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Clever Setup (District Administrator)
Clever Setup (District Administrator)

How to roster your district in Typing Agent using Clever sync.

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Typing Agent district accounts can connect and roster data using Clever. This allows your district to sync all schools, classrooms, staff, students, and student enrollments through the Clever rostering service. 

Rules for Third-Party Rostering:

Typing Agent's terms for connecting with Clever are as follows:

  • Only district-based accounts may use third-party rostering services.

  • Only schools listed on your district's public website may roster via Clever. If a school has students learning virtually, put them in their classrooms within the school's account; do not create a new school account for them.

  • Each school within the district must have a minimum of 100 students in it. (If you don't have 100 students in a school, please use the Clever Custom Sections field to help group your students into at least 100 students per school.) If a school has fewer than 100 students in it, the whole district may be disconnected without further notice.

  • Do not go over your purchased number of student licenses; to avoid the whole district being disconnected until the overage is resolved.

Requesting Typing Agent Clever Connection: 

When you want to connect your Typing Agent district account to Clever, please work with our support team, as we will help to ensure your on-boarding process is smooth and successful. In case you don't remember how to contact us, use your Typing Agent district administrator credentials and log into your account > click on the name at the top right > Account.

In order for us to invite your district to sync your Typing Agent account with Clever, we will need to know your sharing rules. By email, please provide with the following information: 

  1. Your Typing Agent Username and Domain.

  2. The name of the schools that you want to roster. (If you have students learning virtually, do not create a new school for them. Instead, keep them in their schools but label their classrooms something to denote they are learning elsewhere.)

  3. The grade levels you will be rostering; e.g., Grades 3, 4 and 5 or K-5. 

  4. The number of student licenses you need. 

  5. The start date for your Typing Agent and Clever sync to begin.

After you've sent this information to, take a look at the data caveats below. Understand that these areas may change how you share your data with Typing Agent to make it more user friendly for your staff and students. 

After the initial sync, any data changes you make in Clever will update automatically every evening at 9pm PT. In the syncing, any existing users will be soft deleted, then all user data will be rostered directly through Clever.

Here's what you need to know. 

  1. When you log into Typing Agent, make sure that your users are enabled to use Clever SSO through your portal. In your district Typing Agent portal, click on School Management > District Portal and enable Clever SSO. See SSO help article.

  2.  Within your Clever Portal ONLY share with us schools and grade levels that are needed to connect with Typing Agent. Through Clever we will invite you to sync data between Typing Agent and Clever with your district portal, we will confirm that these parts of your data are to be synced.

  3. Clever District admin, when setting up users in Clever, use the Optional field called credentials.district_username. Typing Agent uses this to roster the usernames of students, teachers, and school administrators. If this optional filed, credentials.district_username, is not used or if the user is a District Admin or School Admin, usernames will be converted to the 16-character Clever ID that students and teachers don't tend to remember.    

  4. If you will be using any login credentials besides Clever for Single Sign On (e.x. Google, Office 365, ClassLink, or native Typing Agent sign in), the credentials.district_username must be used to work.  See SSO help article

  5. Students can be in multiple classrooms but in ONE SCHOOL ONLY. With students appearing in multiple classrooms, your reports will show the same data for each classroom the student is in. We recommend limiting your students to one "Keyboarding" classroom so you don't get redundant information in the reports.

  6. Teachers and School Admins can be in multiple schools and teach multiple classrooms.  

  7. District and School Admins will be rostered with their Clever ID so it is mandatory to use Clever SSO login credentials for these rostered accounts. 

  8. You can manually add School Admins using a CSV file from your district portal if you cannot enter them directly into Clever Rostering or if you do not want to use Clever SSO. 

Sharing Clever Data with Typing Agent:

When you are ready to share your Clever data and connect with Tying Agent, please do the following steps:  

1. Make sure you have a valid Typing Agent account. If you already have a Typing Agent Trial or Paid account, skip to Step 3. If your district doesn't have an account, use the link below to set up your Typing Agent Demo account:

2. After you have set up your Typing Agent District Demo Account, your next step is to send a request for a free Trial to your Account Rep listed within your district portal.
To see who to contact, click the dropdown arrow next to your profile picture at the top right, then select "Account" and your account rep contact details will be shown. Write to this person letting them know the names of the school(s) and the grade levels you would like to have access Typing Agent. You can also reach out to our support team at for assistance.

3. Within the Clever portal search for and approve the Typing Agent application icon. 

Typing Agent will get a notification that you have requested this. However, to ensure you get connected and have the right licensing for your rostering, contact us at to make sure all is well.

Once Typing Agent receives the request we are going to check the following on your account. 

  1. Do the schools activated by you match with those supplied by your account rep?

  2. Do the classrooms activated by you match with those supplied by your account rep?

  3. Does your account have existing users? 

  4. Does your account have the right number of licenses allocated?

  5. If you have current users, do the usernames match or are they different?

  6. Do you have current data in the system and how will that affect your users?

Clever Data for Rostering users: 

Users in Clever have an optional field called credentials.district_username that typing Agent uses to roster the username of the students and school admins and teachers. This field is required if you want to use other SSO methods or match existing usernames that may already be in Tying Agent 

The best way to ensure success with Clever is to make sure that the credentials.district_username in Clever match the users in Typing Agent. 

Steps that we will proceed with: 

1. Soft delete all your current Schools, Classrooms, Staff and Students.

2. Roster the Schools, Classrooms into Typing Agent as you have in Clever Data.

3. Pull in and try to match staff and students' usernames and associate the Clever account with those existing users.

4. Roster the staff and students as per your enrollments.

After this is done, it is important to make sure that you have enabled the Clever SSO function in your district portal to work with your OAuth authentication from Clever. 

From your District Portal click on School Management > District Portal 

Log in Clever must be selected to enable OAuth Sign in from Clever. 

Option to add District and School Admins

Because Typing Agent does not control nor assign roles within Clever, Typing Agent gives account managers the ability to add district and school admins to our program using CSV (Comma Separated Value) files. Then, some teachers are rostered in Clever as teachers but they need to have admin capabilities, too. Add these dual-functioning teachers into Typing Agent using a CSV file with the appropriate admin codes put in that Role column.

The main concern is that these new admin usernames do NOT match usernames in Clever. If they match, the system will overwrite them when the nightly sync occurs hence making null and void your admin role creation.

Clever Sync: 

Typing Agent will run a nightly Cron Job on our server that will pull the data into Typing Agent that has been updated in your Clever Rostering Data. This should take place around 9PM PT each night. 

If for some reason your data doesn't look synced properly, request our Support Team to do a manual sync by using the in-app chat function (bottom right when logged in) or by emailing Performing this manual pull should allow your data to sync immediately to match your Clever data. (Depending on the size of your sync, this could take up to 24 hours to process.)

Note:  Typing Agent allows alternative SSO such as MS SSO or Google SSO however we only match the usernames to these SSO methods and not the email address.  

Existing Data in Typing Agent:

If your district has existing data in Typing Agent prior to enabling data please see Resetting Students for the New Year help article.

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