When managing an entire district, we have made an easy way for you to reset your students for the new year ahead.

District Administrator:

As a district administrator, you will log into your account and see the following interface. In order to reset your students, navigate to “School Management”:

From here select the top check box to select all schools then select "New Year Resetfrom the fly out menu.  

The following box will display:  Reset Students for a New Year 

For Non Clever and Non ClassLink Rostering Districts: 

We recommend selecting the following (at minimum):
Archive ALL student data
Delete existing students progress
Click >>Update

(Clever and ClassLink rostering districts please scroll down to see your options)

Archive ALL Student Data:  Recommended to Select
Selecting this option will save a summary of students’ stats into a specific school year that you have set under time settings. Since you can only do this once annually, it is recommended to do so at the end of the year.

Move Students to the Next Grade Level:
Selecting this option will move your students manually up a grade. If they are in 12th grade already, they will remain in 12th grade. Note: Advancing a students’ grade level does not change the curriculum itself, but will alter the target settings inside the already assigned curriculum by increasing expected WPM/accuracy.

Remove ALL unused Student Accounts: Recommended to Select
This will delete all students who have not yet logged in - however, this is irreversible.

Reset ALL Student Passwords:
This will allow you to reset all students’ passwords to a specific password of your choosing. Like the option prior, this is also irreversible.

Delete Existing Student Progress: Recommended to Select
This action is irreversible and allows you to delete all progress without deleting the account itself. You may want to archive your students’ data with the first option to save a record of any progress they have made before you take this action in resetting them for the next year.

For Clever or ClassLink Rostering Districts 

We Recommend Selecting:
Archive ALL student data
Delete existing students progress
Click >>Update

When the Update is running the screen shown below is an example of what will appear displaying the progress of your new year reset update.  

Important Note:  The reset process may take up to 24 hrs to complete. Items showing a "clock" icon next to the item are queued to run. Once your selected items all have green check marks next to them, your update is complete.  A confirmation email will also be sent to the email address listed in the account profile once each school has been reset.

Once your update is complete and you go back to view New Year Reset the date your reset was done will be displayed as shown below.  Please note:  We do not allow the Archive of All Student data if it data has already been reset for the new year.  

Once the students are reset for the new year you can then add your new students and make changes to the accounts as you need to. 

Final Step:  It is important that you take a moment to navigate to Time Settings to update your District defaults to the current year for both

  1. Set school year duration 
  2. School Educational Year

After you have reset your students’ data and updated your Time Settings , you can feel confident that your Typing Agent account is ready to go for the new school year.

Now you will have a drop down on the main screen for the comparison of last year to this year on progress in typing. 


Important Note:

School Administrators within a district are NOT able to perform the Student Reset and will need to request that their district admin perform this function. 

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