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Agent Challenge Lessons (General)
Agent Challenge Lessons (General)

When and how to use Agent Challenge lessons.

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Agent Challenge lessons are meant to be difficult hence its name - Agent Challenge.

These lessons should only be available to students AFTER they have completed the entire Keyboarding Foundations curriculum for their school year. Agent Challenge lessons are not adjustable because they are built around the default goals for each grade level. To help your students be ready to meet these difficult challenges, Typing Agent's settings are built where students must attain grade-level or beyond goals with No Max Retries. This means that students will get the required amount of practice to build their muscle memory to find the keys without thinking or looking down at the keyboard.

For example, the default settings for students in Grade 4 are 20WPM at 85% accuracy so we assume that students worked towards these or higher goals when in Typing Agent. The Agent Challenge lessons then build upon these targets. Each unit of lessons has different challenges that encourages students to work beyond what they were doing before. One of those lessons may request that the student types at 20WPM at 99% accuracy. Imagine the frustration students feel when no matter what they do, they can't meet the challenge. This is why we strongly discourage this curriculum being opened when student are not ready. Once they've met their grade-level targets, the program slowly gets them working beyond them in Agent Challenge.

To get the most of our Agent Challenge Lessons, use the helpful Experience Points feature. By the time students have achieved 8,700 Experience Points in the Keyboarding Foundations 3+ curriculum, or 2650 experience points in the Keyboarding Foundations K2 curriculum, they will have completed or be near to completing their keyboarding lessons so that curriculum will automatically appear in their interfaces making that curriculum available to them.

If for some reason this feature is not activated, to activate this curriculum, select one of your classrooms on the left > Settings > Curriculum > Agent Challenge Lessons > put the appropriate number in the editable area > then click ASSIGN ALL. 

Now, when students complete their keyboarding lessons and have earned the required Experience Points, this icon will appear on their screens and will become available to them. 

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