By now, you’ve probably noticed that your students’ Typing Agent curriculum begins with a Diagnostic Test. When the students begin, their test will look something like this:

Why do my students need to take this?

It’s best to think of this first test as more of a “gauge" or "placement test". What this first diagnostic test does is define a starting point for your student and place them on the most appropriate track in our program. This test shows the keyboarding skills they are entering the program with, and this same test will be given again at the end of their curriculum to see how far they have come since their first attempt.

Will my students be graded on this first diagnostic test?

The first Diagnostic test is not included in your students’ grade. Of course we understand the needs of students who come to Typing Agent and are completely unfamiliar with keyboarding, and we understand that seeing the payoff of their hard work are part of that growing process.

Can I skip this first diagnostic test?

Since the Diagnostic Test is part of the pedagogy of Typing Agent, there is no option to skip the test.

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