If you are a teacher or a school administrator, you can add students directly within your class. This makes it easier to create a class, then add in new students, or simply add a single student if someone new has joined.

  • Please note this function does not work for Clever and ClassLink customers.

From your class, navigate to your Students tab. 

Here, you will see an option beside your roster to add students.

By selecting this, you will see a menu containing the different choices to add your student/students.

Add a Single Student

When you “Add a Single Student”, you will fill out a webform and then select Create to create the account.

Add a Block of Students

When you “Add a Block of Students”, you will fill out a webform. Note that creating a block of students will give them all the same username and password and  once assigned, will append a unique number to the end of each username. You can allow them to update their First Name and Last Name and/or Password upon their first log-in. This method is convenient for creating multiple accounts at once without needing to be too specific on student details. 

Add Students with Class Code

You may enable your class code by selecting “Add Students with Class Code”. You will see a button that says “Enable” under the automatically generated code. You can also change this code here.

Import Students 

When you select to import your students, you will be doing this via a CSV file upload. CSV templates and instructions on the exact data required can be found by within the program by clicking Import Students and an example CSV file can be found at the bottom of the page.

Note: the program accepts alphanumeric numbers, and the special characters _(underscore), -(dash), and @(at).

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