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Adding Students (Teacher & School Administrator)
Adding Students (Teacher & School Administrator)

How to add students from within the classroom.

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If you are a teacher or a school administrator, you can add students directly within your class. This makes it easier to create a class, then add in new students, or simply add a single student if someone new has joined.

Note: If your district is rostering with Classlink or Clever, you will be adding your students there rather than here in Typing Agent.

Add Students with Google Classroom

If your school uses Google Classroom, it is easy to get your students uploaded. Once the School Administrator has enabled you to use this method from the School portal, it's a few simple steps and your classrooms and students are created. Click here for instructions and video.

Add students individually, CSV upload files, or self registration

Should you want to add students using any of these other methods, click on a classroom on the left. You land on the Students tab. 

Then, select the green +Students button.

Now, you will see a menu containing the different ways to add your student/students.

Add a Single Student

When you select Add A Single Student, you will fill out a webform and then select Create to create the account.

Add a Block of Students

When you select Add a Block of Students, you will fill out a webform where you are required to give give just one username and password on a form that looks like this. This method is convenient for creating multiple accounts at once without needing to be too specific on student details.

After this form is completed and saved, based on the username you've used and number of students you stated, the program will append a unique numeral at the end of each username (because each student needs a unique username!) The password doesn't change because that doesn't have to be unique. Here's an example:

We suggest that you permit students to update their First Name and Last Name and/or Password upon their first log-in, so it's totally unique to that student. A suggestion is to give students the unique username generated by the program and the password. (i.e., we give Johnny the account associated with teststudent1 and password Qwerty, as per the screenshot above.) Then, they'll put that information in the appropriate areas when the log in at your school's secure Typing Agent page, the same web address that you use to enter the program.

Once putting in their generic username and password, another form will pop up where they put in their first and last names and a new password then save that. (Teachers and admins may view whatever changes students have done when they click on a classroom, then its students. They can edit these should they see fit.)

Add Students with Class Code (Student Self-Registration)

There are a few quick steps required to enable student self-registration with a class code.

The school administrator needs to log into their account. Click the Admin button then the School Management option.

Now click on the School Portal button at the far right:

Scroll down to the bottom and select the checkbox next to Allow Student Sign up option.

Don't forget to press SAVE at the bottom of the page to activate your selections. In so doing, students at your school may now self register to add themselves into a classroom. Teachers will now need to activate their class codes.

Using the list of classrooms on the left, teachers click on the classroom that they want students to self register. In the green banner that has the classroom's name, you'll see our default setting Class code: Disabled. Click the checkbox next to it and a pop-up screen appears with Disabled on it. Click the Enable option at the bottom left.

Automatically, a code will appear in a big blue box. (Notice that you can disable it from here also.) Here's what was generated for one of my classrooms:

The unique code you get will be what students in this class use to register to get into that particular classroom. Please give this code to them! You don't have to worry: see the code will now be on the green banner under your classroom's name replacing the word Disabled.

When your students go to your school's Typing Agent page, they will see an option for Student Self-Registration. They click that button.

This is where they will register, enter this code, and enroll into your class.

If they do this properly, they will now appear in your classroom when you click on it. Please review what they did as sometimes students get quite creative in their choice of usernames and passwords.

Import Students 

When you select Import Your Students, you will be doing this via a CSV file upload. CSV templates and instructions on the exact data required can be found by within the program by selecting Download Example .CSV file.

When you'd like to upload your own CSV, select Upload.CSV .

(Note: the program accepts alphanumeric numbers, and the special characters _(underscore), -(dash), and @(at).)

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