Time Settings (District Administrator)

How to set up your time zone settings as a District Administrator.

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District Time Settings

Note:  If your students are working remotely for a time or if your students are working in the program from home during your established "In School" hours, this time will show up on your reports as having worked during "in school" time.

From your dashboard, select School Management.

Click your Settings tab.

Then, scroll down to Time Settings.

Time Zone

Setting the correct time zone for your district ensures you generate accurate reports for teachers and students.

School Schedule 

School hours are determined by the times you set here. You define the hours your school/district day begins and ends, which allows your administrators to view when work is completed at school (within those hours) or at home (outside of those hours).

School Year Duration

This sets the program's Start and End dates for the current school year.  Use the first and last days of school to generate the correct data. 

School Eduction Year

School Eduction Year is important for how reporting is being recorded. Each year it should be changed to reflect the current school year so your reporting is correct.  This should be done after you have Archived Data and Reset the Student Data for the New year at the end of your current school year.  

When you're finished, hit Save to finalize your changes.

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