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Bulk School Actions (District Administrator)
Bulk School Actions (District Administrator)

How to adjust settings for multiple schools at a time.

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As a District Administrator, you are able to perform actions to affect multiple schools at a time. This is especially handy for viewing school-specific rosters, starting a new school year, and removing schools from your district.

From your dashboard, select School Management.

Now, select the schools you'd like to adjust.

In the right fly-out menu, you'll see a variety of options:

Staff: Select this to view all staff members in the schools you've selected.
Students: Select this to view all students in the schools you've selected.
New Year Reset: Select this to begin the process of resetting your students for a new year. For more information on this process, click here.
Clear Roster: Select this to delete all students in the schools. Note: This CANNOT be undone!
Delete School(s): Select this to delete the school(s) and all students within this school. If this function is used, it can't be undone so please use with extreme caution.

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