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Progress Report (Standalone Single School Admin, School Admin & Teacher)
Progress Report (Standalone Single School Admin, School Admin & Teacher)

Overview of the Progress Report

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Typing Agent uses clear, easy-to-read reports so that you can always be on top of how much, how long, and how well your students are actively working within the program. One such report is our Progress Report. It is created so that you have all of this pertinent information at a glance.

To get to this report, click on a classroom on the left then click the Reports icon then finally the Progress Report icon that looks like this:

To use the Progress Report, you will first be asked to select a curriculum.

(Note: If you've selected K2, you will be asked to select one of our three mountains for which you'd like to get a report. For more information on the K2 curriculum, click here.)

You'll then be asked to select a Summary or Detailed report.

For all curriculums that focus on keyboarding, a Summary report is a pictograph-like chart with each column representing how well students did on the main activity of each lesson. (Click here to learn more about main and practice activities.) You can view how many stars each student has earned, if the lesson is still in progress, if there is an issue, as noted by the legend on the right. We define below what the legend means but for more information on stars and how they are earned, click here.

All 3 Stars: Student typed accurately and quickly to earn 3 available stars in their main lesson. This is above grade-level expectations.
All 2 Stars: Student typed accurately and quickly to earn 2 available stars in their main lesson. This is at grade-level expectations.
Completed: Student has only earned 1 out of the 3 available stars in their lesson. They are typically working at one-grade level below their current grade-level expectations.
Working: Indicates that a student is working on the practice activities and either has not done or passed the main lesson with one star as yet. Stay tuned!
Flagged for Problem: Indicates that a student has finished the lesson with less than 70% accuracy. You may want to have a conversation with the student to see why this is happening and suggest possible solutions. If the words per minute (WPM) expectation is too difficult for the student, you may want to review the student's WPM scores and modify this setting to something not too easy or difficult for the student. Click here to view an article on how to adjust targets for students.

The Summary portion of the report looks like this but will contain the results for your students:

Under Goals, we show the Words Per Minute (WPM) and Accuracy (ACC) targets towards which each individual student is working. Students may be in the same grade level and classroom but if modifications were done so students can move on after attaining 1-, 2-, or 3 stars, you see that immediately and can make corrections, if needed. Teachers see who are excelling and those who need help at once.

Under the Average column, we detail the Speed (WPM), Accuracy, and Adjusted Words Per Minute (AWPM) in the Progress Report - Summary. The AWPM takes a student's raw WPM scores then subtracts the errors made. This gives a more accurate idea of how quickly that student types thus far when you pulled the report.

For the Progress Report, if you select the Digital Citizenship curriculum, the Summary report shows scores based on how far students are in this curriculum. It shows the number of questions students got correct out of the total number of questions that they received up to that point in time. (If there is no score in a column, it means that the student didn't answer the questions.)

Should you want to view the Detailed option of the Progress Report for a particular curriculum, make your selections by clicking the necessary buttons. A Detailed report tells you how far in the particular curriculum each student has reached percentage-wise, as well as their average accuracy, average WPM, and letter grade attained for that curriculum.

For the Digital Citizenship curriculum, you are given the percentage of how much of that curriculum has been done by each student as well as how much time was actually spent in that curriculum.

At any time, you can download any of these reports as a CSV file or print them. To download a report, click the green download icon in the upper right corner of any report. You can also print the Detailed Report directly from your browser by clicking the green printer icon in the same location.

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