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School Activity Report (Standalone Single School Administrator & School Administrator)
School Activity Report (Standalone Single School Administrator & School Administrator)

Overview of the School Activity report.

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As a School Administrator, you may want to know what kinds of changes your staff members have been making within the program. This is particularly helpful if you have given teachers permission to make changes to student accounts and curriculums. (Click here should you want to learn more about permissions.) School administrators are able to keep track of any staff activity. For example, if you have set specific goals for each of your grade levels to attain and a teacher decides to change them, you will know who made what changes.

When you generate a school activity report, you will be asked to select a date range. This date range can be for the current week, the previous week, the current month, the previous month, the past 6 months, all time or a custom date range (e.g., Mar - June).

You will then see a detailed list of all actions taken by all staff over the date range you've selected. This includes adding and deleting classrooms, students, staff as well as modifying the targets to which students are working as these will affect their records.

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