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Diagnostic Test Report (District Admin)
Diagnostic Test Report (District Admin)

Overview of the Diagnostic Test report for District Administrators.

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The Diagnostic Test Report is designed to show you exactly how your students have scored on the various diagnostic tests they take throughout the Keyboarding Foundations curriculums. For more information on Diagnostic Tests and what they are, click here.
When you generate a Diagnostic Test Report, you will be asked to select a curriculum, school, class, and student. Diagnostic Tests are limited to the Keyboarding Foundations curriculums so you will need to choose either Diagnostic Test for (grades) K2 and Diagnostic Tests for (grades) 3+ when you want to run these reports.

When you are finished, select your preferred school(s), class(es) and student(s), then Run Report.

Now, you'll see a chart of the Diagnostic Tests, 1-28:

  • School Name: The name of the school that the student is at.

  • Class Name: The name of the classroom that the student is in.

  • Grade: The grade level of the student.

  • Firstname: The first name of the student.

  • Lastname: The last name of the student.

  • WPM: The average WPM score on the student's diagnostic test.

  • ACC: The average accuracy score on the student's diagnostic test.

  • Grade: The letter grade earned by the student for their diagnostic test based on the grading system used at the district.

What do these numbers mean?

The information at the top, Diagnostic 0, refers to the name of the test. Each Diagnostic Test has its own number that represents where in the curriculum it is given. The information on the second and third lines refer to the average score students in the district earned for that particular test. In this particular example, the first number 31 refers to the average Words Per Minute (WPM) students in the district earned while the second number 93 indicates the average Accuracy earned.

Can I download these results for future use?

Yes! Should you want to download this report as a CSV file, select the green download icon in the upper right hand corner of the report.

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