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Final Evaluation Report (District Admin)
Final Evaluation Report (District Admin)

Overview of the Final Evaluation report.

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As a District Administrator, you may want to know or keep a record of how the students in your district have done on their Final Evaluation tests. This may be helpful information if you're planning to configure your district's default curriculum settings to better suit your students' needs, or just would like to see the progress they have made with Typing Agent upon working through and completing the Keyboarding Foundations curriculum. For more information on what the Final Evaluation test is, click here.
When you generate a Final Evaluation report, you will be asked to select a school, class and student. When you have made your selection, click Run Report.

Now, you'll see the number of all the Final Evaluation tests completed by the school(s) in your district who have taken them. This will be presented in the format of:
Total Completed Tests/Total Number of Students
You can click the eyeball icon to view specific details of that school's scores.

Once you've selected the school you'd like to view, you'll see an overview of all the school's scores:

  • School: Name of the school in which the student completed the test.

  • Class Name: Name of the class in which the student completed the test.

  • Teacher Name: Name of the teacher whose student completed the test.

  • First Name: First name of the student completed the test.

  • Last Name: Last name of the student completed the test.

  • Grade: Academic grade level of the student completed the test.

  • Completed On: The date and time the test was completed.

  • Accuracy: The student's average accuracy on the test.

  • WPM: The student's average WPM on the test.

  • Grade Earned: The letter grade earned for the test by the student.

At any time you can click the download arrow icon to create a Typing Certificate of completion for that student. You may send these to school administrator(s) to be given to students who have finished the keyboarding section of their Typing Agent curriculum.

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