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Bulk Grade Settings (District Administrator)
Bulk Grade Settings (District Administrator)

How to manage the settings for each grade as a District Administrator.

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If you have many students coming into your district at different grade levels, you may want to manage the experience and permissions that each student of their grade level has. As a District Administrator, you are able to do this by adjusting your grade settings.

First, go to School Management from your Dashboard.

Now, go to the Grade Settings tab.

Select the grade level you'd like to adjust the settings for.


From here, you can adjust which curriculums each student is assigned at this grade level. Check and uncheck the boxes next to those to assign and reassign them. For more information on this, click here.


From here, you can adjust which games each student is allowed to play at this grade level. You can also choose whether or not to enable them at all, or to require them to earn Gritcoins to earn game time. By default, students will be required to earn 2650 Experience Points to play games if they are in third grade or above. If they are in kindergarten through second grade, they'll be required to earn 1230. You can bypass this entirely by entering "0" if you don't wish for them to require Experience Points. Or, you can set your own custom number. To learn more about Experience Points, click here. For more information on managing games, click here.

Lesson Targets

From here, you can adjust the lesson specific settings for a student of that grade level.

Skip Placement Test: If this is checked, the student will skip over the initial Placement Test if they are working in the Keyboarding Foundations 3+ curriculum. For more information on the Keyboarding Foundations 3+ curriculum, click here.

Enable Mouse Lessons (K2 Only): If this is checked, the student will not be required to use the mouse in lessons specific to the Keyboarding Foundations K2 curriculum. For more information on the Keyboarding Foundations K-2 curriculum, click here.

Bypass Experience Points: If this is checked, the student will not be required to earn experience points in order to unlock curriculums and new themes for their interfaces. For more information on Experience Points, click here.

Maximum Character Count: When a number is entered here, this will dictate the amount of characters in a lesson that a student is given at any time. For example, if you think that typing 150 characters is too long of a lesson for your second graders, you may want to lower that number.

Of course, when you are finished, don't forget to hit Save to save your progress!

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