How do I change the Path student is on?

I want to change or promote my student's path of learning

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By default, students in the Keyboarding Foundations 3+ Curriculum take a Placement Test. Based on how well students did on that test only, students are placed on a Path of learning, ranging from A to D. Teachers are not permitted to promote students up a path when they have finished the Keyboarding Foundations Curriculum for that school year or place students on a path of learning. Again, only the Placement Test results can place them on a path.

Should an administrator or teacher want a single, group or classroom of students to skip doing that Placement Test so students begin with home-row key lessons, there is the ability to Disable Placement Test according to your role. For example, click here to see how teachers may do this. (Administrators will find this function under School Management then Grade Settings and after you select the Grade Levels, you'll see the Skip Placement Test option that you can select and click Save.)

If you have a student who has completed the Keyboarding Curriculum for the school year, click here to see how you may deal with this situation.

If you simply want to the student to redo the test, it means that you will have to make them start again from scratch. Click here to view how you may accomplish this.

Ultimately, we want to make sure that your students are placed on an appropriate path of learning that is suitable for their keyboarding level at the time they begin Typing Agent. Each year, students work towards different tasks so we evaluate them based on these different objectives. The Placement Test is designed to do just that and place students at the correct instructional level for each school year. Because we are flexible, we've given you workarounds to assist should you want to modify our default settings.

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