Out with the old, in with the new! As a Standalone Single School Administrator, you have the ability to reset your school's data and update the time settings so your students can begin the new school year in Typing Agent with a clean database.

In order to reset your students, hover over the Admin button and select School Management.

Then, select the New Year Reset tab.

Now, you'll see a list of all of your available options to check. At minimum, here's what we recommend:

1. Archive ALL student data
2. Move students to the next grade level
3. Delete existing students progress

(Important Note: If rostering with Clever or ClassLink, you will not have the options to move students to the next grade level or remove unused student accounts because your rostering system should only include your active students and students should be placed in their correct classrooms for the nightly syncs. There is no need to do it here.)

Archive ALL Student Data:  Recommended
Selecting this option will save a summary of students’ stats into a specific school year that you have set under time settings. Since you can only do this once annually, it is recommended to do so at the end of the year.

Move Students to the Next Grade Level: Recommended
Selecting this option will move your students manually up a grade. If they are in 12th grade already, they will remain in 12th grade. In the event of students who have already graduated, or otherwise are no longer at your school, you will want to delete those accounts. After you have exported all of the data you need to have, we find it's easier to delete those old students before resetting for the new school year because you know exactly who your 12 graders are. If they're still there after you've done your new year reset, they will be intermingled with your new 12th graders and you will now have to shift through them to delete them. Should you decide to reset your data for the new school year without first deleting the old students, click here for more information on deleting students. (Note: Advancing students’ grade level does not change the curriculum itself, but will alter the target settings inside the already assigned curriculum by increasing expected WPM and Accuracy.)

Remove ALL unused Student Accounts:
This will delete all students who have not yet logged into the program. Note, this is irreversible!

Reset ALL Student Passwords:
This will allow you to reset all students’ passwords to a specific password of your choosing. Like the option prior, this is also irreversible.

Delete Existing Student Progress: Recommended
This action is irreversible and allows you to delete all progress without deleting the account itself. You may want to archive your students’ data with the first option to save a record of any progress they have made before you take this action in resetting them for the next year.

When you're finished, click Submit to finalize this.

Important Note: Some New Year Resets may require a 24 hour turnaround time to run. The email address listed in the account profile will receive a status email once complete. In the meantime, you can select the View Status text in the bottom right corner to see where we're at in the process at any time.

Important Final Step: Time Settings Update

Once your student data has been reset, your next step is to update the Time Settings for your school to the current educational year.

From your dashboard, hover over your Admin button and select School Management.

Now, select the Time Settings tab.

From here, you'll be able to set the school year duration to the current year.

When you're finished, click Save.

After you have reset your students’ progress and updated your Time Settings, you may want to verify that your students who are moving up a grade will have appropriate WPM and accuracy standards. If you have named your classrooms after a certain grade level, you may also want to ensure that your classrooms are renamed to stay consistent with the year update. The final step is to adjust the Target Settings. For more information on how to do that, click here.

Now, you can feel confident that your Typing Agent account is ready for the new school year!

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