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Reports (Teacher)
Reports (Teacher)

Reports available in Typing Agent 5.0 for teachers.

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As a teacher, you will of course want to know how your classrooms and students are doing at any given time. Thankfully, we've provided a plethora of reports so that you can view however much or however little, however specific or however general information on the progress being completed.

Select the blue button for a detailed explanation of each report.

How to Access Reports

First, select your classroom.

Then, select your Reports tab.

You'll see various tiles for all available reports. Select the tile of the report of your choice.

Select the blue button for a detailed explanation of each report.

Scrolling down, you'll also see two wheel graphs.

Weekly Learning Activity: This graph is analyzing a best practice for student keyboarding success using three data metrics: accuracy, time practiced, and frequency. The activity gauge calculations are based on optimum weekly practice of 10 minutes a day for 5 days a week, with 85% or above accuracy. Less days with longer times are not as effective in learning the muscle memory, but good results can still be seen with your unique class parameters and time restraints.

Class Average WPM: This is a base average of your class' WPM. You can view this per student as a bar graph by clicking on the leaf:

At any time, you can also download any of these images by clicking the three horizontal lines next to the graphs.

Here's a quick video guide of an overview of these reports.

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